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The Synth Professor : Project 367
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What is Project 367?

Late breaking news! The KLM-367 clone has now arrived! See this link for futher details.

Project 367 is a return by mail service for owners of the Korg Polysix synthesizer who have been plagued by the infamous KLM-367 process board battery leak problem. Does any of the horror below look familiar?

KLM367 before
The facts are that this type of damage can be more than superficial. It is simply not enough to remove the battery and dust off the debris on the board. The electrolyte from the battery is highly corrosive and can destroy both components and printed circuit tracks. Unless the damage is properly treated then a number of strange and confusing fault will affect the operation of your Polysix. These include patch bank LEDs illuminating in a random order, top panel controls not operating as expected and the inability to create that classic Polysix sound (apart from a few odd noises).
KLM367 after 1 KLM367 after 2
So if you are interested in having your Polysix processor board expertly repaired to a high standard (like above) then please contact us for a quote. In past experience there is no need to drop off the whole keyboard for repairs as the board can be repaired and calibrated independently. All you need do is detach the connectors, a single soldered earth wire and some screws to remove the board. Instructions for disassembly can be provided.
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