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Introducing the Synth MOT - Keeping your synth sound

All equipment especially classic synths sometimes need that little extra bit of TLC. Our MOT service is designed to keep your working equipment in A1 condition and to prolong its playing life. If you are interested in ensuring your old classic is in the very best working order then contact us about this service. As part of the MOT program you get the following attention:

  • Case and chassis work stripped down and cleaned both inside and out.
  • Printed circuit boards and sub-assemblies removed and cleaned.
  • All soldering, socket and wiring connections inspected and made good. Large value electrolytic capacitors in the power supply replaced. Memory batteries replaced if fitted.
  • All electromechanicals (sliders, pots, switches, jacks, etc) cleaned, checked and replaced if necessary (with your consent).
  • Keyboard mechanicals and contacts checked and cleaned for optimum operation.
  • Re-assembly, factory calibration, tuning and testing performed. Factory patches can be reloaded if required.
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